Andy Lau – You Are My Woman Saxophone Solo Sheet Music

Andy Lau is a very popular singer/actor in Hong Kong. In 1998, he collaborated with American saxophonist Kenny G and recorded the song You Are My Woman, which features Kenny G’s saxophone playing. The song was the theme song of the 1998 Hong Kong crime drama film A True Mob Story and has become a very popular song to learn amongst saxophone students from Hong Kong.

Download the sheet music and backing track for Andy Lau – You Are My Woman (Please leave a comment for me below if you like this download):

11 thoughts on “Andy Lau – You Are My Woman Saxophone Solo Sheet Music”

  1. Hi, Greg, I want to learn how to play saxophone more than ever because i watched your videos on youtube. I live in the Unite States and have no idea where to start since i have no experience of playing instruments. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Jamie the easiest way to get started would be to find a local teacher to learn from. Otherwise you could also just get an instrument, purchased or rented, and Start experimenting. For beginners it is typical to start on the alto sax since it’s easier to control.

  2. I was told that alto is the most popular sax. I wanted to get a soprano because i’m pretty small and was afraid i couldn’t handle bigger sax. Since you suggested to start on alto, I will go to local store to check them out. Thank you very much for replying! Is this your most active website? I’d love to see your performances in the future.

    1. Hi Jamie, the soprano sax requires the strongest embouchure (facial muscles) to play properly and in tune, and in my opinion is not an ideal starting point for beginners. Of course you can still try it but proper instructions would then be even more important so that you don’t develop bad habits.

      Currently this is my most active website but since I play in many pop concerts there are many clips on the internet with me that cannot be searched by my name. But I do plan to produce some better and newer videos of my own in the future.

  3. Very good amigo..congratulations , good work ,, this music and beautiful ,,, and was very wonderful on your instrument

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